Elevate Your Perspective. Uncover the Hidden Job Market.

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Elevate Your Perspective. Uncover the Hidden Job Market.

It’s NOT who you know.  It’s a matter of who knows you.

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Life Careers, a career management firm, helps you identify your marketable capabilities, target appropriate positions, and develop and implement an effective self-marketing plan.

Life Careers is quite different from executive recruiters, placement agencies, or head hunters. These firms work for the employer and their job is to help a company find the right person to fill a specific opening. They charge a fee of 25% to 40% of the employee's first year total compensation to the employer.

Life Careers helps you the employee. We help by assisting you in defining career goals and marketing you into appropriate jobs as quickly as possible. Life Careers does not compete with search firms. In fact, we know the better firms and direct our clients to them when appropriate. We are frequently contacted when search firms are looking for quality professionals or executives.


Life Careers is committed to the client and serves as the mentor, campaign manager, image consultant, and strategist, structuring and implementing a marketing process that allows you to explore all of your options. Our unique process can lead to the best possible position in a shorter period of time.

More fully utilize your skills and realize your earning potential faster.

Save you time and energy while reducing job search stress.

Make you more compatible with the marketplace.

  • “Life Careers helps you develop healthy career management skills for life.”

    D.C. – Age 28
  • “I would recommend Life Careers to anyone wanting to make a career change. Changing careers is a big deal. Life Careers makes it comfortable and helps you gain confidence in yourself.”

    M.T. – Age 39
  • “Your methodology of the process of packaging an individual is excellent. Obviously, you enjoy what you do and you are good at it.”

    J.F. – Age 58