Our Clients

We all have a reason for wanting to make a transition. Trying to effectively make a career change can be a challenge for anyone, you’ll use our services because you:

  • Want to keep on top of your career after establishing a fast track profile
  • Just graduated from college, have significant potential and want to establish a fast track career
  • Want to conduct a confidential job search
  • Prefer to stay in the area because of personal reasons, but you cannot seem to locate the appropriate level positions or organizations
  • Encountered a crossroads in your life making you question your chosen career path
  • Are tired of working for the worst boss in the world and need to find a better situation before you quit without thinking
  • Prefer to do your job search right the first time
  • Feel you are ready to and want to make a leap over to an area where you have an interest or passion you want to follow
  • Have been downsized from an industry you have been in for several years and you feel like it would be impossible to make a transition to a new industry
  • Have just retired from the military, cannot or do not know how to communicate the transferability of your valuable military experience, and want to maintain your level of responsibility, income, and authority that you are accustomed to
  • Are dissatisfied with your current job situation and desire to stay in the same industry you have been in
  • Are ready to make that leap on the career ladder but you have been pigeon holed within your current organization
  • Cannot get your foot in the door
  • Freeze up in salary negotiations and end up taking less than what you wanted or think you are worth
  • Are not sure what you want to do for the rest of your life
  • Are not sure what you want to do when you grow up at mid life
  • Have retired from a career and do not want to discuss one another’s grandchildren over the weekly game of cards
  • Received that degree you gave up 20 years ago to raise a family and want to be more than a clerk, and you have no idea how to market your skills without recent professional experience
  • Have divorced after a few years or your spouse has passed, now you need to bring home more money to raise your young family
  • Want to maintain your dignity in the workplace at the appropriate level after a family business closes after several years
  • Feel stuck in a job that has no room for advancement
  • Have relocated due to your spouse’s recent promotion or career change
  • Are tired of looking for a job on your own after turning over all the stones you know to turn over
  • Spent all of your time online looking for a job with no results
  • Can only find low paying jobs and cannot seem to get your career going


Most people don’t know how to write an effective résumé. We can show you how!

Many of our clients are at a point in their careers where they’re not exactly sure what direction their career should take. This is especially true when a major transition is required. They lack the knowledge about their transferable skills and where these skills fit. The diverse/business knowledge and experience of Life Careers’ professional career coach points the way.

Most clients need help with the interview and telephone skills that turn meetings into offers. Life Careers can help you solve this problem.


Most clients lack the skill to write the kinds of highly effective résumés and letters which gain quality interviews. Life Careers can help you write the most effective job search writing materials.

Most clients do not know how to identify, effectively use and maintain their network. Life Careers shows you how.

Many clients often do a poor job negotiating for themselves. Life Careers’ personal involvement and proven and tested resourceful principles of negotiating insures our clients of maximizing their total compensation package.


Many clients recognize the need for the professional discipline that Life Careers provides, which is essential for a successful campaign. They realize that conducting their own campaign could be extremely lonely and they will benefit from working with a caring professional.

Take a look at how we have helped our clients find
their dream jobs by looking through our Case Studies

Case Studies

  • “Life Careers helps you develop healthy career management skills for life.”

    D.C. – Age 28
  • “I would recommend Life Careers to anyone wanting to make a career change. Changing careers is a big deal. Life Careers makes it comfortable and helps you gain confidence in yourself.”

    M.T. – Age 39
  • “Your methodology of the process of packaging an individual is excellent. Obviously, you enjoy what you do and you are good at it.”

    J.F. – Age 58